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5 Fantastic Reasons You Need To Try Paddleboarding

Mike Carew   Jun 12, 2021

Paddle Boarding Paddle Boarding Lesson

Did you know Captain Mike’s rents paddleboards? It’s absolutely true. We’ve got a great selection of paddle boards in all sizes, so everyone from the tallest of the tall to the smallest of the small can enjoy the fun. You can take a rental paddleboard to your favorite location and return it when you’re done, or take advantage of the fantastic beach right behind our City Island location.

Never paddleboarded before? Here are 5 fantastic reasons to give the sport a try:










5) You get really close to nature.

Because paddle boards are silent, animals aren’t scared of them. You can see amazing fish gliding by, birds swooping through the sky and maybe even some larger sea life. If you love nature and the outdoors, you’re going to love paddleboarding.

4) It’s a great workout.

Paddleboarding combines balancing on the board with paddling, giving you a total body workout. The muscle groups that get worked include your core, arms and legs. Best of all, paddleboarding doesn’t stress out your ankles or knees and you don’t have to be super fit to enjoy it.

3) Ultimate stress relief.

When you’re paddleboarding, you’re away from everything that makes life stressful. There’s no traffic, you’re away from your job, and even your aggravating neighbor is nowhere in sight. It’s a very relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

2) It’s super stylish.

Paddleboarding is the fun trend everyone wants to be a part of. Celebrities, Instagram stars, your friends on Facebook – everyone’s paddle boarding. It’s really affordable to get in on the fun. Make sure to take your fair share of selfies. Top hashtags to ensure people see your pics: #standuppaddle #paddleboarding #sup #suplife

1) Paddleboarding is so much fun!

A lot of water sports are a lot of work. Boating is expensive. Surfing takes some serious skills. Scuba diving means lessons, expensive gear, and having to wear a wetsuit in public. Paddleboarding’s so much better. You rent your board, wear what you want, and enjoy a fun, relaxing afternoon on the water. Nothing could be simpler or more fun. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Come down to Captain Mike’s and check the fun out for yourself!

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