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A Great White Shark Adventure

Mike Carew   Jun 12, 2021

Guadalupe Trip Scuba Diving

Shark Week may be coming to an end on TV, but it is not for us here at Captain Mikes Diving!












We’re excited to bring an amazing opportunity to you. A Great White Shark Adventure in Guadalupe, Mexico from November 9th through November 14th!

This incredible trip has a limited number of spots available, so make sure you inquire as soon as possible.

Why Guadalupe, Mexico?

Guadalupe is known in the diving community for spectacular great white shark encounters. There are over 200 great whites identified in the bay we will be diving in, and this number increases yearly! The beach at Shark Bay has many different animals including elephant seals, Guadalupe seals, and California sea lions making it the perfect feeding ground for the great whites. It is also a prime location for mating – young male great whites sharks arrive to Guadalupe Island mid-July every year.



















With each dive in Shark Bay the Nautilus group typically sees two to three sharks, or as many as nine sharks. The Bay itself is home to over 200 sharks ranging from 12-19 feet! This exotic location has crystal clear blue waters and an incredible coastline with between 125 and 150 feet of visibility.

We’ve only seen positive reviews, like this one from Nancy G.









Do I need to be a Dive Master?

The best part about this experience is that you do not need to be an advanced diver. We do recommend taking a Scuba Diving course beforehand and that you are comfortable with the dive experience. All certified divers will have the opportunity for (a minimum) of three dives a day in the submersible cages. This trip also includes unlimited time in the surface cages. All guests will be accompanied with skilled dive masters during the submersible cage dives.












Join us on this amazing trip for the opportunity to dive with great white sharks! Fill out the form below if you are interested, or give us a call at: (718)885-1588.